This cake cutting hack will change your life ?

It’s Sheryl here. It’s a funny/weird thing when I tell people I don’t actually like cakes – I don’t like baking them or decorating them. Just eating them. I actually only like cupcakes and I guess that’s why our business is called Cupcake Central. My experience below reminded me why I loathe cakes and I’m wondering if I’m the only one that feels this way.

I went to a party the other week – I seem to get invited to a lot of them. Perhaps I’m popular or maybe it’s because I always bring a box of cupcakes with me. This time though, I didn’t bring cupcakes and there was a cake there instead. Being the good friend I am, I decided to help with the cake cutting duties. Well, it looked something like this…

After I spent all this time cutting the cake and handing out the cake plates with a fork and all… NO ONE wanted a piece. I was literally shoving it into people’s hands saying “You have to eat it, it’s her birthday”. Deep down I was thinking to myself, *my cake cutting efforts cannot go to waste* grrr.

Anyway, it was pretty sad, there were untouched plates of cake laying around everywhere by the end of the night. It could be that after I hacked the cake, it no longer looked like cake anymore.

That weekend I decided to figure out how cakes are supposed to be cut and came across the video below. I wanted to share just in case you need to cut cakes over Easter or in the future. The lesson I took away from this was though, was to always bring cupcakes to a party.

Speaking of parties, we’re having a staff party tonight as there are only two days of the year all our stores are closed (Good Friday & Christmas Day), so this is our only chance to get our team of almost 99 staff all together and throw a crazy party complete with 100 Soju train bombs lined up (you’ll have to watch it on our Instagram Stories). Cannot wait! The team has been working so hard and it’s time to show them some love.

Have a safe and Happy Easter everyone!

Sheryl Thai, Founder

Cupcake Central

P.S. I’ll be down at our store in Fountain Gate on Easter Monday from 11am – 2pm, we’re doing some FREE cupcake decorating for the kiddies – hope to see you there!