Happy Easter!

  BE DIFFERENT THIS EASTER. Who wants boring old chocolate eggs for Easter. That’s too predictable. These crazy rainbow cupcakes have a surprise under the dome of glaze – a tart berry explosion. Yes, they will make anyone a happy camper whenRead More

Summer Collection 2015

Say Hello To Our Little Friends We’ve got our Summer bad boys baked and ready to go. Rolling straight into Summer with eight brand new flavours and some good ol’ classics like Pavlova, Lemon Sorbet and Coconut Lychee. Guaranteed to keep youRead More


Yes it’s that time of year again where you ask the incredulous question “WHERE has the year gone? Can it really be Christmastime?” Some might get that sweeping feeling of panic where you think of all the stress that comesRead More

#Cupcake Toothpaste?

At Cupcake Central we totally dig innovative, fun and quirky ideas and it’s ten times better when it’s mixed with Cupcakes. So when our rad friends from Cool Things Australia asked us to try some Cupcake toothpaste we were totally down.Read More

Sweet Bite For The Fight!

Support World AIDS Day 2015!  We’re teaming up with Burnet Institute to help support their HIV programs  – one sweet bite at a time! How you can help is to buy a box or two of the delicious World AIDS DayRead More