Follow our Cupcake Calendar to see what baking schedule we follow each day. We rotate our 20+ flavours every day to make life more interesting and also so that you know that we absolutely bake fresh every day and don’t cheat!

To our knowledge we are the only Cupcake bakery in Melbourne that currently bakes ALL our cupcakes from scratch fresh each morning at 4am. We don’t sell day old cupcakes because quality cupcakes is the name of our game.

ORDERS: Please note that as we do bake fresh every morning our cut off time for orders (delivery & pick up) is 3pm the day before. You are of course welcome to come into our store anytime to purchase cupcakes. However, if you are looking for a specific amount of cupcake flavours & sizes, call us up early in the morning to have them put aside for you as we may sell out towards the afternoon.