Frequently Asked/Answered Questions

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Q1 – How do you place cupcake orders?

You can either order online, in person at one of our stores or you can call us to place an order.We only have one phone number which goes to our head office 03 9077 4542 and they handle orders for all our stores. We are currently a Melbourne based company and only have stores in Melbourne and deliver within Melbourne only.

To place an order there is a minimum of $45 – this is for pick up or delivery.

Please note that as we do bake fresh every morning our cut off time for orders (delivery & pick up) is 3pm the day before so we can add it to our baking schedule. You are of course welcome to come into our store anytime to purchase cupcakes and if you are looking for a large amount, call us up early in the morning to have them put aside for you as we may sell out towards the afternoon.

Q2 – Do you do delivery?

Yes, we do! Around Melbourne Metro areas only and starting from $15. When you place your order online select delivery and input the address, our online system will automatically include the delivery charge for that postcode. If no price appears, we may not be able to deliver to that area but we will confirm that once you submit your order. There is a minimum purchase of $45 worth of cupcakes, delivery fee is extra on top of this.

Q3 – Do you do pick ups at all locations?

Yes indeedy!  As we bake fresh everyday some days we sell out of some flavours. Just select the store you would like to pick your order up from, it’s that easy.

Q4 – What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, direct deposit, credit card (Visa & Mastercard however AMEX has an extra 2.5% surcharge). Credit card payments can be made over the phone or in person.

Q5 – Are your cupcakes baked fresh daily?

Well, if we didn’t bake fresh daily we’d be going against one of our core values and we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. So YES we absolutely must bake fresh daily, this means that they are baked on the day you purchase them, not the day before or two days before claiming it is baked fresh when they’re not. Why? Because cupcakes taste fresher that way and you don’t get dry, tasteless ugly muffin like cupcakes.

Our superstar bakers sacrifice their morning sleep-ins and get to work around 5 am (sometimes earlier) to bake the cupcakes from scratch. Sometimes this means if we have a lot of orders going on, the full range of flavours might come out a bit later than expected. This is not because we’re lazy but because we are doing the best we can to create the best cupcake for our customers.

Q6 – What do you do with the cupcakes if you don’t sell out?

In a perfect world, we would love to sell out every day but then we would have disappointed customers to deal with. So we try to predict how many we will sell each day and some days we will have cupcakes left over. We try our best to save them in boxes and provide them to Eat Up which is an amazing organisation. Eat Up is a not-for-profit entity that helps feed hungry children who would otherwise go without. Their model utilises existing established organisations to offer a new service that provides ready-made, healthy school lunches directly to disadvantaged children free of charge. Also, our staff get to take home as many cupcakes as they like at the end of the night… perks of working in a cupcake bakery hey?

If you have a charity organisation that would benefit from receiving donated perishable goods, please email us and we can see whether we can arrange something. Please note that donated goods cannot be sold, even for charity fundraising.

Q7 – Everyone claims that they use quality ingredients in their cupcakes, what’s the difference with Cupcake Central ones?

We’re different here because we actually do what we preach. We use free-range eggs, high grade Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Belgian Callebaut chocolate & cocoa, Philly cream cheese, Riverina Full Cream Milk and the list goes on. We don’t want our customers biting into a pretty cupcake only to be disappointed by an artificial cheap taste. That’s not what we’re about. We want you to be able to taste the flavour of the cupcake and indulge properly. Take a read of our post on transparency here.

Q8 – Do you sell or hire out cupcake towers?

Yes we sell 3-tier silver cupcake towers for $20 each and they can hold up to 50 cupcakes or 80 babycakes.

We also hire out acrylic cupcake towers for special functions such as engagements and weddings, please esquire within.

Q9 – I just bought some of your cupcakes, how do I store them and how long can they last?

Our boxes generally have a little note saying that you can store them in an airtight container, at room temp, for up to 3 days. Do not refrigerate them or they will turn into dry rocks so hard you can kick them around like soccer balls. But again, fresh is always best!

Q10 – Are your cupcakes nut & allergy free?

Unfortunately no. We work in a kitchen that also handles nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, tree nuts so although we try our best not to cross contaminate, we don’t classify our bakery a nut-free environment. If you have a nut allergy, we suggest you take caution and consume our products at your own risk. Our baking calendar will indicate which cupcakes have nuts.

Q11- What are in your Vegan & Gluten Free cupcakes?

We want everyone to be able to enjoy cupcakes as the next person so we took a while to come up with our special vegan & gluten free cupcakes (some say they can’t tell that they’re even vegan or gf!). We use the following ingredients in them and we take special care not to cross contaminate with our other products. We use separate sanitised equipment to make these. However, as we do bake them in a kitchen with other non-vegan and gluten products we cannot claim that these are 100% vegan & gluten free cupcakes and you should consume these at your own risk.

Ingredients for Vegan & Gluten Free Cupcakes by Cupcake Central
Gluten Free Flour (Orgran). Ingredients: Maize starch, Tapioca flour, Rice flour, Vegetable Gum: Guar
Baking Powder
Bi Carb Soda
Callebaut 100% Pure Cocoa Powder (Chocolate & Red Velvet flavours)
Vegetable Oil
Soy Milk ( Nature’s Own Organic)
Vanilla Extract


Frosting: Dairy Free/Gluten Free Spread, Gluten Free Icing Sugar, Vanilla Extract.

Depending on Seasonal flavours we also add fruits, nuts and other ingredients. Contact us if you require more information.

Q12 – We had a great/bad experience with you guys and desperately want to tell you about it. Will you actually listen and where can we provide feedback?

A:  We treat feedback, good or bad, very very seriously. We admit that we are human and are not perfect but we sure try damn hard to be! So for us to get better at what we do and to also ensure that we are meeting your expectations, feel free to either call the store up on 03 9077 4542 or email us directly. By all means you can post up your feedback on various social media or restaurant recommendation sites but we do like to resolve bad experiences first as we again, do admit we are human but we do definitely try our hardest to resolve every single issue to the best of our ability. No joke.

Q13 – How do we book in for Cupcake Workshops and Masterclasses?

All info about cupcake workshops and Masterclasses are on this page. Sheryl, the founder of Cupcake Central, handles all the workshop enquries and bookings. All masterclasses are run by Sheryl and her assistant baker as well and she’s really excited to meet you all!

Q14 – Is Cupcake Central a Franchise?

No, Cupcake Central stores are all independently owned by Thin & Sheryl. There are no plans to turn into a franchise anytime soon as they both love the company so much they want to have complete control over the growth of the company and to ensure that our customers get the best cupcakes and service possible.


Terms & Conditions


  • We offer pick up orders at all our stores and delivery is only within Melbourne Metro areas
  • Our cut off time for online orders (delivery & pick up) is 2.30pm the day before, however you may call us to place last minute orders by 3pm for next day orders.
  • Once you make your order – we will contact you within 12-24 hours to confirm.
  • Whilst we have utmost care in the quality of our products, we cannot guarantee that the appearance of the products are exact as we hand produce all our products from scratch by several Pastry Chefs at each store.
  • We reserve the right not to accept an order.


  • All our prices are inclusive of GST where applicable.
  • Our prices may change without notice.


  • We accept VISA, Mastercard and Direct Deposit payments
  • A 2.5% surcharge is added to AMEX payments

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are quoted on location and only available within Melbourne Metro areas. Our deliveries are sent from our Head Quarters in Hawthorn, VIC. We use private courier delivery drivers to ensure the safe delivery of our cupcakes due to its delicate nature.


If you are not entirely satisfied with your order please speak to one of our Managers at Cupcake Central to resolve the issue. Only orders that have been delivered or received in store in a faulty manner, such as cupcakes that are destroyed in appearance or inedible, may receive a full refund. Once the cupcakes have been picked up by the customer or delivered, it is the responsibility of the customer to treat the product with care until required.