7 Magnificent Years

It’s a pinch-us moment. 7 magnificent years of sugar-induced smiles, sweet tears and a whole lotta fun in the kitchen.


I remember the first batch of cupcakes I ever baked. Yes, these little beauties right here. 



Something ignited in me that day as I eagerly watched my work colleagues bite into them and saw their eyes light up. As horrible as they looked, they said they were delicious.


So this little hobby started to become an obsession. I felt this rush of joy when I tried to figure out how to make the cupcakes fluffier or how to make them so flavoursome that people would come back for seconds or thirds. My favourite feedback though, was when grown men would comment that they don’t usually eat desserts but they just couldn’t help themselves.  My soul would do a little happy dance.


Starting a business from scratch is not an easy feat and I certainly did not do it alone. And just like a grammy award acceptance speech, here we go…


My business partner, Thin Neu, always believed in me from the start. I think it was the Mango Cheesecake cupcakes I first baked him that made him realise that I was made for baking. He is often the guy behind-the-scenes at Cupcake Central and I am grateful to him every day for taking a chance on this dream. Without him, the business as it stands today would cease to exist. The brand, the voice, the beautiful store fit outs, the attention to detail – it’s all him. He often doesn’t get the limelight, like I do, so I’d like this opportunity to give him the credit he so often doesn’t receive publicly.


Over 7 magnificent years, there have been so many people that have come on this journey with us. The team of people that serve, that bake, that do the hard work and believe in #hatchthatdream – they’re the real superstars. Wow, there are about 200+ names that I would need to mention. How absolutely grateful I am to each and every single one of you. You know who you are and whether you worked with us a day, a week or years – Cupcake Central has grown and taken shape because of you, thank you x million.


Our customers, fans, cupcake connoisseurs – you the real MVP! I started selling 120 cupcakes at the markets to now baking over 25,000 cupcakes a week. Is this real life? I sometimes wake up and think, surely this is a dream? I still secretly watch people as they bite into our cupcakes and have this gleam in their eyes. My favourite is when I see strangers on the table next to me at a restaurant, bring out a box of our cupcakes and as they slide open up the box I hear that “oooooh” gasp. You just don’t understand how amazing that makes me feel –  and not just me, but I know it makes the whole team at Cupcake Central super proud. Thanks for believing in us.


So as much as it seems we’re bigger than just a market stall these days, let me assure you that the care and love that goes into each cupcake is still there. We may not be around forever but to have lasted 7 magnificent years, I am going to celebrate this milestone – it’s not for me, but for each and every person that has helped hatch that dream.


I merely just had an idea, a passion. It was you that helped bring it to life.


Cheers to 7 magnificent years!




Sheryl Thai | Founder & Director